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Who we are

europtica was created in 2009 by Paola Quintanilla who is optometry professional from Universidad de la Salle. Likewise, europtica has the business support of Óptica de Occidente, a company with more than 20 years of experience in the optical sector.

At europtica, we are committed to offer you the best visual solutions and products with cutting-edge technology, always meeting with the highest quality standards.

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Our Services

Optometry Consultation

Optometry Consultation

We carry out exams to correct visual problems and give a professional solution in the use of glasses and contact lenses.
Visual Therapy

Visual Therapy

We work on the prevention, improvement and care of persistent visual difficulties in children, youth and adults.
Professional Advice

Professional Advice

We give professional advice on the purchase of vision products in accordance with the results of optometric formulas.
Consulta a domicilio
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Home Consultation

If you need information, please contact us on WhatsApp.

What you should know!

Why and when should you use glasses or contact lenses?

You must use glasses or contact lenses to improve the quality of your vision and your life when you have:


Problems to see objects at a distance.


Complication to focus on close-up objects.


Blurred or distorted vision at any distance.


Impaired eyesight with age.


Loss of vision in one eye. (common in children)

What kind of diseases are common in the eyes?

At europtica, we help you to treat diseases such as:


It is an eye infection that appears as an inflammation in the eye. This disease is easy to treat and with some precautions and can even be avoided.


It is an inflammation in the eyelids. It often causes redness, pain, watery and irritated eyes, rheum in the eyes, itchy eyelids and a type of dandruff on the eyelashes.


They are small, red and painful bumps that appear and grow at the base of the eyelash or under the eyelid. Keep in mind that the majority of styes are caused by a bacterial infection.
Treatment: You must make an appointment with optometry to identify the causes of the disease, examine very carefully the state of your eyes and start the appropriate professional treatment for the case.

Benefits of visiting europtica

Your vision is very important in your daily activities and you should take care of it. When visiting us, we can:
Discover early signs of visual diseases
Treat eye problems on time
Prevent loss of vision
Identify other health problems
Increase school, work and personal productivity
Educate about vision care

Our Products

At europtica, you find the best offers and discounts on high-quality products.

Buy your product now.

Business Alliance

We are always committed to our clients and therefore, we create a strategic alliance with Óptica de Occidente to always offer the best and at the same time, grow as brands and companies.

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Where are we located?

Centro Visual Europtica Location

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Visit us:
Cra 101 # 71C – 18
Álamos Norte, Bogotá.
Business Hours:

  • Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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